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A new phase

This is the advent of a new phase of my life, after a sabbatical of 2 years (when I worked from home) I am again venturing into the corporate career. To be honest, I am apprehensive and very excited at the same time. One moment I find myself brimming with new ideas and in the very next am contemplating if I would be able to pull this off. I have never been the sceptical kinds, I have taken with pleasure whatever life has offered me and made the most of each opportunity. Sometimes I have failed, so what, I have then gotten up, brushed aside the dust and pulled my act together.

My last corporate outing was not a very good experience, on hindsight I think I was not the best fit for that role yet I tried to make it work despite not enjoying the job. In the process I felt completely exhausted and the high remuneration was of no help. Now I think my new assignment is something I would enjoy, so what if the pay is substantially lower. R has been really supportive and has been telling me that this would be a cakewalk for someone like me and that money is not important, work satisfaction is.

So, I agree with the philosopher in my life, spread my wings and am ready to take off for the new high in my life. Let conventional wisdom rest in peace, I choose to fly with all my strength, against the wind.


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