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Attired in it she moves around with grace

The five yards of cloth renders her enchanting beauty

She cares for and protects one and all

And she does so out of love and not duty

She dreams, aspires and she cares

Expects nothing but love and dignity

And then I see her cry

I feel impassioned and pity,

The five yards are on fire

Cruelty is burning down innocence

Greed is consummating itself

The fire is blazing high and the smoke is dense.

She’s durga, Kali or Lakshmi

Oh! she even is sati…

Why o why! The right to live is basic

And our Durga and Lakshmi deserve it

Why are we blind to the beauty she brings when she comes home

The happiness she spreads as she grows

A home she makes when she marries

She’s beautiful as can be no rose.


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A new phase

This is the advent of a new phase of my life, after a sabbatical of 2 years (when I worked from home) I am again venturing into the corporate career. To be honest, I am apprehensive and very excited at the same time. One moment I find myself brimming with new ideas and in the very next am contemplating if I would be able to pull this off. I have never been the sceptical kinds, I have taken with pleasure whatever life has offered me and made the most of each opportunity. Sometimes I have failed, so what, I have then gotten up, brushed aside the dust and pulled my act together.

My last corporate outing was not a very good experience, on hindsight I think I was not the best fit for that role yet I tried to make it work despite not enjoying the job. In the process I felt completely exhausted and the high remuneration was of no help. Now I think my new assignment is something I would enjoy, so what if the pay is substantially lower. R has been really supportive and has been telling me that this would be a cakewalk for someone like me and that money is not important, work satisfaction is.

So, I agree with the philosopher in my life, spread my wings and am ready to take off for the new high in my life. Let conventional wisdom rest in peace, I choose to fly with all my strength, against the wind.

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Hello Fellow Bloggers

I have been an ardent blog reader for quite a few years and even initiated myself into the world of blogging in 2009. However, then it was not meant to be for long. This time around as I venture into the world of free expression yet again, I hope to have a stronger resolve for a long association.

I think and so I have opinions about a lot of things happening in and around me. Here, I would like to talk about all the things I like, dislike, do, want to do, my dreams, my exasperations etc. Basically, these pages would touch upon the life around me, the things I see and experience and the people I know.

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